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fertility hormones

Charting your fertility
on the hormone fertility chart

Observing your cervical mucus

Monitoring cervical mucus

Charting your fertility
on the cervical mucus chart

The mucus cycle

Arousal Fluid
and Seminal Fluid Instructions

Monitoring basal body

Fig. 10a: Example Mucus cycle chart of first 6 cycles

Fig. 10b: Marquette mucus fertility chart – example of second 6 cycles
Charting Your Fertility
on the Cervical Mucus Chart

You cervical mucus observations can be placed on the Marquette charting system for easy interpretation and simple instructions for avoiding or achieving pregnancy (See example charts below).  The Marquette chart has room for 6 cycles of charting if the cycles are less than 35 days in length.

The cervical mucus readings are recorded as:

for mucus that is scant, thick and cloudy –
the "L" signifies LOW fertility
for mucus that stretches slightly, is thinner and cloudy, the "H" stands for HIGH fertility
is recorded for mucus that is clear, stretchy and slippery (egg white type) –
the "P" stands for PEAK fertility

The days of the period (menses) are recorded as:

for heavy bleeding
for moderate bleeding
for light bleeding

The row of blocks beneath the fertility recordings provides room for recording acts of intercourse as "I".  The couple is advised to place a check (or X) in the appropriate place in the "Couple Intention Recording" area at the bottom of the form for each cycle indicating their goal to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

The date and day of the cycle should be recorded in the blocks provided above the fertility recordings.  For each cycle an arrow should be drawn through the days that the couple understand are the days of fertility.

The chart in Figure 10a shows that fertility begins on day 6 for the first 6 cycles.  The earliest Peak day observed in the example was on day 14 in cycle #1.  Therefore, for the next cycle, fertility will begin on day (14 minus 6 =) 8 or the first day of a High mucus recording – whichever comes first.  Fertility will end on the last Peak day of that cycle plus 3 full days.

Notice that this couple indicated their intent to avoid pregnancy for each of the 6 cylces by marking an "X" in the appropriate blank in the "Couple Intention Recording" area at the bottom of the form.  Notice also that they recorded acts of intercourse only during the infertile phases of the 6 cycles.

Figure 10b below is an example of the next 6 cycles that the woman experienced and charted.  Notice that in the 4th cycle, she re-calibrated the beginning of the fertile phase due to the fact that the earliest peak day cycle in cycle number 3 was on day 13; therefore, for the next cycle fertility began on day 7.  In cycle 13, the mucus observation was the first indicator of fertility, not the algorithm. 



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