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Avoiding pregnancy

Achieving pregnancy

Instructions for use
of the Hormone
Fertility Monitor

Instructions for use
of cervical mucus

Instructions for combining
signs of fertility


Instructions for
Combining Signs of Fertility

These instructions assume that you wish to use both the ClearBlue Easy Fertility monitor plus cervical mucus as biological markers to determine the fertile phase of your menstrual cycle.  You might be interested in seeing how these biological markers of fertility correlate and/or wish to be more conservative in your approach to natural family planning.  The following instructions assume that you have first read the Quick instructions for the Monitor and for Mucus – up until the instructions for avoiding or achieving pregnancy.  As in the other instructions the menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your period (i.e., your menses).

Please note:  there are only 6 days of fertility during a menstrual cycle - the day of ovulation and the 5 days before.  These 6 days are called the “fertile window.”  You need to know the beginning, peak, and end of the fertile window.  You can estimates the fertile window by observing changes in your cervical mucus and rating your observations as either low, high, or peak and by using the information provided by the ClearBlue fertility monitor.  The monitor (when used correctly) will provide you with a low, high, and peak fertility reading. 
A simple formula has been developed to go along with your monitor and cervical mucus observations as a double check for the beginning and end of the fertile window.  See the instructions below for how to avoid or achieve pregnancy and to estimate the fertile window. 

Do not have intercourse or genital contact during the fertile window – i.e., from the first day of fertility through the last day of fertility.  The length and time of the fertile window will vary from cycle to cycle.  You are asked to refrain from intercourse on all “high” and “peak” days as indicated by the monitor and cervical mucus and to use the following instructions for determining the fertile window.

1.    Fertility BEGINS on day 6 of the first 6 cycles.
2.    After 6 cycles, fertility BEGINS on the earliest day of “peak” reading on the monitor during the last 6 cycles minus 6 days or the first "high" reading on the monitor or first high mucus rating - whichever comes first.

3.    Fertility ENDS on the last “peak” day of cervical mucus plus 3 full days or the last peak day on the monitor plus 3 full days – whichever comes last.

These instructions are to be used only for those women who have cycles between 22 and 42 days in length.  If there are two or more cycles that fall out of that range or the menstrual cycles vary by more than 10 days, see your professional NFP teacher for advice.

Women who are coming off of hormonal contraception, who recently were pregnant, or who recently stopped breastfeeding should wait until they have at least 2 natural menstrual cycles in a row before using these instructions.  There is a separate protocol for women who are breastfeeding and not in cycles.  

Have intercourse on "high" and "peak" fertility days.

Please download a blank and example monitor plus mucus fertility chart.


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