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Breastfeeding protocol
for fertility monitor

Breastfeeding protocol
for mucus

NFP and long cycles

NFP and short cycles


NFP after using
hormonal contraception


Vaginal Hygiene
and Vaginal Infections

Premensteual Syndrome (PMS)

Continuous Mucus
and Other Body Fluids

Management of
Continuous Mucus

Return to fertility
after child birth

Medical referral
for women's health problems

NFP and unusual bleeding

The Marquette Model of natural family planning
(NFP) was developed for use with the ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor (also called the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor) along with other natural biological markers of fertility as a means to avoid or achieve pregnancy.

These instructions assume you have purchased a ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor (CEFM) and have read the fertility monitor instruction booklet. The instructions (on the right) start on the first day of your user’s next menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your period (i.e., menses).
Medical Referral
for Women's Health Problems

There are a number of health problems that should trigger a referral for medical assessment and treatment if necessary. The following are some of the signs and symptoms to be aware of:

Disorders of Bleeding

There are several types of abnormal bleeding that require medical referral. These are:

Mid-cycle bleeding or spotting
Very heavy bleeding or flooding
Any bleeding after menopause
Irregular bleeding
Spotting after intercourse

Any woman who has bleeding after menopause should see her doctor or health car provider. Skipping periods, even if the woman isn’t pregnant, is a problem that should be evaluated.

Breast changes
Breast changes that require referral are as follows:

Changes in shape and size
Discharge or bleeding from the nipple
Persistent tenderness or pain
Lumps in the breast

Occasionally a woman may notice a lump in her breast pre-menstrually. If the lump persists past her menses or occurs during the first half of the cycle, this should be referred.

Vaginal Changes and Sexual Problems
The following vaginal and sexual problems are recommended for medical referral and assessment.

Increased or abnormal discharge
Increased vaginal dryness
Vulvar pain or irritation
Pain or bleeding after intercourse
Painful intercourse
Reduced libido

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